BlaBla Plush Knit Doll

BlaBla Plush Knit Doll

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100% Cotton knit dolls that are baby-safe and made with love in Peru! Blabla is a fair trade toy.
Each doll is approx. 12" in size.

Hand-wash in cold water on gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.


Nova the Star: Nova is a bright little star who shines in the night-blue sky. She holds the hands of little ones who travel faraway in their dreams and brings them back home before the robin sings.

Hercule the Elephant: Hercule is a brilliant storyteller who illustrates his adventures with beautiful soap bubbles. If you forget something, you can always ask Hercule because he has a great memory.

Josephine the elephant: Josephine is a ballerina with a heavy foot. She likes porcelain dishes and delicate cookies.

Pierre the bunny: Pierre likes long walks in the country. He distributes letters with stamps, and loves radish marmalade. He would like to learn English to enlarge his horizons.

Honey the bunny: Honey is a little bouncy bunny with a very white sweet tooth. She loves chocolate and peas but flowers makes her sneeze. She collects five leaf clovers but so far she's found just four.

Benedict the chicken: Benedict is a little spring chicken. He whistles a happy tune all day and he cracks eggcellent jokes.

Maximus the dinosaur: Maximus is a math genius dinosaur with a fondness for round numbers and a succulents expert.

Webster the duck: Webster is a clever duck who likes books and botany. He can read in between the lines and quacks the very best jokes.

Lucille the duck: Lucille is a sweet and silly duckling with a bubbly personality. She paddles fast but waddles slowly and is always up for a good laugh. She prefers her quakers with milk.

Melody the mermaid: Melody lives with her sisters on the 2nd floor in a fishbowl apartment. She gives diving lessons to the neighbourhood goldfish crackers. She loves sardine butter and takes the elevator.

Symphony the mermaid: Symphony likes warm showers and starfish barrettes. She calls her friends on her shell phone to meet at the seafood aisle.

Mozart the monkey: Mozart is not a music prodigy, but he sure is a trapeze genius. Mozart is one of our original designs! Alongside Bubbles, Licorice, Sandwich, Bamboo, and Andiamo!

Wooly the sheep: Wooly likes to sleep upside down with his feet on his pillow. He dreams in green and yellow. Our best selling Wooly come in a pillow, rattle, mini, regular, and giant size! Match with our "Night Night Wooly" baby book.

Pearl the dog: Pearl is a little ball of cotton (she's shade of cream and white from head to toe!) with a pure heart and a love for ribbons.

Electra the horse

Machu the alpaca

Jasper the deer: Jasper is from the Rockies. He hikes around waterfalls.
He likes cold nights and full moons and carves beautiful wooden spoons.ONLY available in 18" size.






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