Mini Library

Mini Library

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An aesthetically pleasing piece of wooden furniture that's just as fun for parents as it is for kids. Encouraging independence in keeping their space organised for open-ended play and imagination and an easy place to store their toys and books themselves.


Consideration for functionality and high-end modern design has been applied to The Oeuf Mini Library, a reaction to the lack of storage available in children's furniture. Designed for easy access, the Mini Library nurtures new found independence, encouraging a child's interaction with a trusted piece of furniture to see them into the future.


  • Meets all US, Canadian, Australian and European safety standards 
  • Low overall height 
  • Strong and stable construction 
  • Two storage compartments with hinged doors
  • Can be attached to wall


This furniture piece is a special order item - please call us to place your order with a 35% deposit!


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