Washable Basket: Zoco

Washable Basket: Zoco

Item No: P-15259

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A practical solution to gain storage space in great style! This polyedric-shaped braided basket has a circular base that widens out slightly during the first band of color only to narrow slightly when it changes color. The two practical handles sewn on to


Hand-crafted with cotton, there are no two exactly alike and it combines a natural color, without any kind of dyeing with ash rose that has been dyed using100% natural tints. Its size makes it ideal for storing books, magazines, toys, plaids, or laundry, etc. Thanks to its design, it blends in with any contemporary-style ambiance and can be used in a girl's, kid's or teenager's room as well as the living room, dining room, hall, terrace or garden.

Size: 1' x 1'2"

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